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Project Description
Flickr3DCube is an application that allows you to see your image collection on your sidebar or desktop. It works with Flickr filtering by its user name or owner and filtering by keywords or tags, but hey, in a 3D fully interactive It's core is done on WPF and if you can check it without haviSu core está realizado en WPF. It is initially done for being a gadget for a gadget competition but it can be adapted to whatever, a gadget or a screensaver or else... the idea is to evolve this together :)

You can download it from my site, sorry, by now is on spanish but you can translate it with or other site translator.. the link to download it exactly is If you want to try this without Windows Vista, uncompress on a folder and open the file Flickr3DCube.xbap with Internet Explorer (needs the .net framework 3.0)
Well here you have a fun and nice way of watching your image collection, or your friend's one (or girlfriends) :)
If you're already an addict to Flickr, this is your gadget I hope you like it.. ^__^

Ah, and if you feel to vote for it, the address is, but just works with Internet Explorer.

On this CodePlex Project we together with the ones of you who want to help will evolve this and add functionalities to the "cube".


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